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Automatic Filing Machine

Automatic Filing Machine

Why Choose Us

1. Serving global clients since 2003
2. Experienced manufacturer, rigorous manufacturing process, 1-3 years warranty
3. Engineers with 15 years experience are dispatched overseas to provide professional installation and training services.
4. Obtaining official certificates and meeting the import standards of all countries in the world.
5. Having the ability to produce large-scale production lines. Welcome custom orders.
6. Sufficient inventory. Fast delivery.

  • Introduction

    As a top manufacturer in China, we manufacture different production equipment and production lines for various industries, such as cosmetic, daily care, food, chemical, pharmaceutical,etc industry.

    For various business requirements, we provide semi-automatic filling machine, fully automatic filling machine, automatic filing line, filling and capping line, filling and sealing linefiling capping labeling line, filling capping labeling sealing line, and the whole automatic production line.

    Video ( This is just one of our videos. We manufacture different types of filling machines and filling lines. For more information, please directly contact us! )


    Technical Parameter

    Product Name

    Automatic Filing Machine

    Applicable Industries

    Cosmetic & Daily Care & Food & Pharmaceutical & Chemical, etc.

    Filling Products

    Liquid ,Cream ,Lotion,Essential Oil,Paste, Ointment, etc.

    Filling Container

    Custom Design. Filling bottles of different specifications and materials.

    Filling Accuracy

    ≥99 %

    Filling Heads

    2,4,6,8,10,12 heads for different filling speed (Custom Service. Please check with us)

    Filling Range

    5-60ml,10-120ml,20-250ml, 50-500ml 100-1000ml,250-2500ml,500-5000ml, 700-7000ml, etc.


    SUS 304 Stainless Steel

    Product Features

    1.  Intelligent controlling system reduces operation errors. No filling when there are no bottles. High filling accuracy & No overflow. High filling speed and stable transmission. With strong counting function.

    2.  Microcomputer self-priming peristaltic pump automatic quantitative, pneumatic induction positioning filling (optional lifting filling structure is also optional).

    3. Vacuum environment to ensure that the container is free of dust and impurities

    4. The whole machine is made of food grade stainless steel which provides a clean and hygienic environment.

    5. The filling part is easy to disassemble and transfer. It usually only takes 20 minutes to replace parts.

    6. Simple Operation .Anyone can operate proficiently in a short time. Easy to Clean.

    7. It can be easily moved with installation of casters.

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