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One Head Vertical Pistion Lotion Filler with Hopper

One Head Vertical Pistion Lotion Filler with Hopper

Performance Introduction The Semi-automatic Self-suck Pneumatic Filling Machine manufactured by our company is based on reference of foreign similar products...

  • Performance Introduction 

    The Semi-automatic Self-suck Pneumatic Filling Machine manufactured by our company is based on reference of foreign similar products and then redesigned accordingly, with partial additional functions on it. It makes the filling machine much more simplifies and convenient in the aspect of operation, accuracy error, adjustment, equipment clearance and maintenance.
    The Full Pneumatic Filling Machine has replaced the electricity control by pneumatic elements, so it is especially suitable for anti-explosion requirements.


    Model Selection
    The Filling Machine produced by our company aims at maximum filling volume required by customers. Specific Models are as follows:
    Filling accuracy:±0.5%
    Air pressure:4-8 kg/cm2
    Hopper material:SUS304/SUS316L
    Material of cylinder:SUS304/SUS316L
    Net size:540×540×1500 mm
    Net weight:about 55 kg
    Packing size:560*560*1450mm

    Mainly used for medicine (gynecology drug, erythromycin ointment, antifreeze cream, etc.), and (cosmetics, toothpaste, Emollient Cream, lipstick, shoe polish, etc.), food (fermented flour paste, tomato sauce, butter, etc.), chemicals (glass glue, sealant, white latex, ink, etc.), lubricants, pesticides and special industry paste filling

    All the main parts of this machine are from brand of AIRTAC.AIRTAC can make our machine high quality,as the machines will be exported abroad,the parts of filling machine must have two characters:
    1.good quality 2. the parts should be easy to find in local market
    So AIRTAC selected as the main supplier of pneumatic parts for our company.

    Top hopper makes the machine good at fill some stick products, like paste and cream, that inhomogeneous flow. This machine also can be connected with a pneumatic material transfer to feed the products into hopper. Please check picture below. Pipe can connect the filling machine with storage tank.

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