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Vacuum Homogenizer Emulsifying Machine

Vacuum Homogenizer Emulsifying Machine

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    Vacuum emulsifier homogenizer

    Product description 

    Vacuum homogenizer emulsifying machine  is a complete system integrating mixing, dispersing, homogenizing, emulsification and powder absorption function. It has a built-in electronic control system. What's more, it is equipped with oil tank,water tank, vacuum system, heating system, cooling system. It is special equipment for producing cosmetic cream, cosmetic lotion,medicinal ointment, etc. It is applicable for various industries, such as pharmaceuticals, chemical, cosmetic, daily care and food industry.

    Our company has obtained CE, UL, ISO certificates. Our qualifications have been recognized by authoritative organizations. Our machinery can be exported to all countries in the world. You can customize its size to suit large, medium and small production, and you can also customize a complete set of production lines. In addition, we can design the machine according to the drawings you provide, or design the drawings and machines according to your specific requirements.

    For more detailed information, please see data and description below.

    Product parameter 




    Capacity: 50L

    Homogenizer: power: 3.7kw; speed: 0-2880rpm
    Agitator: power: 0.37kw; speed: 0-63rpm


    Capacity: 100L

    Homogenizer: power: 4kw; speed: 0-2880rpm
    Agitator: power: 1.5kw; speed: 0-63rpm


    Capacity: 150L

    Homogenizer: power: 4kw; speed: 0-2880rpm
    Agitator: power: 1.5kw; speed: 0-63rpm


    Capacity: 200L

    Homogenizer: power: 7.5kw; speed: 0-2880rpm
    Agitator: power: 1.5kw; speed: 0-63rpm


    Capacity: 350L

    Homogenizer: power: 7.5kw; speed: 0-2880rpm
    Agitator: power: 2.2kw; speed: 0-63rpm


    Capacity: 500L

    Homogenizer: power: 11kw; speed: 0-2880rpm
    Agitator: power: 2.2kw; speed: 0-63rpm


    Capacity: 1000L

    Homogenizer: power: 15kw; speed: 0-2880rpm
    Agitator: power: 4kw; speed: 0-63rpm


    Capacity: 2000L

    Homogenizer: power: 22kw; speed: 0-2880rpm
    Agitator: power: 7.5kw; speed: 0-63rpm


    Vacuum emulsifier homogenizer mixing paddle

    This is the mixer of the vacuum homogenizer emulsifier mixer machine. It can mix the products evely.  With the scrapper on sides, it can scrap the products stick on the inner wall of the main tank to realize mixing without dead angle.

    Vacuum emulsifier homogenizer head

    This is the bottom homogenizer of the vacuum homogenizing emulsifier mixing machine. It is to high shear the products into small molecule, which makes the products to be more exquisite. All the material contact parts are make from SUS 316L, and the outside parts of the machine is made from SUS304, which meets the GMP standard.

    Vacuum emulsifier homogenizer water and oil phases

    There are the water and oil phases of the vacuum homogenizing emulsifying mixing machine. They are for the pretreatment of the products. These two tanks have the funtions of dispersing, mixing, and heating. After pretreatment, it can be suck into the main pot throught the vacuum function.

    Vacuum emulsifier homogenizer control panel

    This is the control panel of the vacuum emulsifying homogenizing mixing machine. With button control, this machine is easy for operating. It can also be customized into PLC touch screen control panel according to customers' need. It can set all the parameter here seperately.

    Product features 

    1.   Stainless Steel Operating Platform. Contact Part Material:SUS316L Stainless Steel. Outside Part:SUS304 Stainless Steel. Mirror-polished tanks and pipes. Meeting GMP standards.

    2.   The whole machine has a reliable sealing (using German Bergman mechanical seal, Japanese NSK rolling bearing). Electrical components are purchased from well-known foreign companies.

    3.   Higher Homogenization Efficiency & Better Product Applicability: The multiple-layer shear structure and unique grinding process fully ensure the fine material emulsification. 

    4.   Using advanced frequency converter to control the mixing speed to meet different production needs.

    5.   The entire process is carried out under vacuum conditions to prevent the material from generating bubbles after high-speed stirring. It can meet the requirements of sanitation and sterility.

    6.   The tank can be designed to heat or cool materials, according to production requirements.

    7.   Advanced PLC control system can be used to fully control the addition of materials, control the speed and time of mixing and homogenization. It can print the above data (optional).



    This machine is suitable for cosmetic cream, paste, mayonnaise, shampoo, syrup, etc products in cosmetic, food, beverage, chemical, daily chemical, beverage, pharmaceutical, medical, etc industries. If customers have any doubt on the machine, or if you are not sure whether this machine is suitable for your products or not, please send us inquiry and we will get back to you very soon.

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