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Multi Functional Irregular Jar and Bottle Label Machine

Multi Functional Irregular Jar and Bottle Label Machine

1.Construction of machine: A:Principal machine section: YASKAWA 750W ultra-small inertia servo motor, YASKAWA servo amplifier, Danfoss frequency converter...

  • Multi Functional Irregular Jar and Bottle Lableing Machine

    Transport sector: Taiwan imported AC motor 750W, Danfoss frequency converter adjust the speed 

    Guide bottle institution: double coordinates adjusted scratch check rails in SS.
    Bottle dividing institution: Panasonic Motor,converter control the speed.
    Integer institution: Panasonic motor, frequency converter adjust the speed, synchronous with the conveyor.
    Pressing institution: spiral bevel gear transmission, synchronized with the conveyor
    Scratch label institution: sponge spring steel plate combination, Teflon patch.
    Pressure label institution 1: Combination non-power roller, quickly removable to accommodate different sizes of labels. It can increase round bottle institution(the price need be discussed): Particularly suitable for the whole high demanding paste; three-roller automatic orientation can greatly reduce the cone due to product labeling and other unknown factors that caused the error(Which can be achieved with one label of round bottle any post, installing electric eye can achieve positioning stickers, one label can post all faces, two labels symmetric and positioning post etc.).

    1) Double press roll delivery the label, which will help improve the labeling accuracy Before labeling, the label pass roll press of initiative pressing roll, which will help to eliminate wrinkles tags to improve the quality of labeling, to exhaustion of the last one label.
    2) Secondary rocker spring delivery label clutch with additional belt brakes achieve high-speed constant tension 

    labeling institution

    Labeling machine head eight orientation adjustment, the angle can be adjusted freely, easy to paste a variety of difficult and transparent label; high elastic sponge scraper and non-powered round extrusion, to ensure that no air bubbles; mechanical structure of machine uses an enhanced rigid design, Simple, generous and stable.
    380V 50 Hz 3000W
    Production speed: 40m/min(8000~10000BPH)
    Label accuracy: ±1mm
    Roll label diameter max: 330 mm
    Label inner diameter: 76.2 mm
    Label width max(height of label): 200mm(can be made according to the requirement)
    Size of machine: L3048*W1400*H1650(mm)
    Weight of machine: 400 kg

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