Guangzhou Yeto Machinery Co,Ltd

1.Lines of cosmetic products
RO water treatment--storage tank--vacuum homogenizer mixer--rotor pump--tube filling sealing machine--capping machine--labeling machine--conveyor--coding/printing machine

2.Lines of liquid washing products
RO water treatment--storage tank--mixer tank-- material transfer pump--liquid/paste filling machine--capping machine--sticker labeling machine--conveyor--box packing machine

3.Line of perfume
RO water treatment--storage tank--perfume mixing cooling machine-- diaphragm pump--perfume filling machine--perfume crimping machine-- perfume pressing machine--conveyor

4.Line of toothpaste
RO water treatment--storage tank--vacuum toothpaste mixing machine--powder mixer machine-- rotor pump--toothpaste tube filling sealing machine--box packing machine-- conveyor

5.Machines for makeup products
Powder mixer machine--powder pressing machine--powder compact machine--lipstick filling machine--lipstick mixing machine--lip balm cooling machine--mascara filling machine--nail filling machine