Guangzhou Yeto Machinery Co,Ltd

Our Application
Cosmetic products:cosmetic cream/paste products(BB cream, lotions, gel, hair cleaning products, etc), make-up products(lip gross,mascara,eyeliner,facial powder), etc
Liquid products:liquid washing, Toilet Cleaner,etc
Pharmaceuticals:unguent, capsule,etc
Food:juice,cream, milk, honey,etc
Chemical industry:paints, engineer oil, silicon gel, etc

Production Market
Customerized(vacuum homogenizer,mixer,blender,filling machine) character makes our machines can meet the standard of all over the world.We also have the corresponding certificate to meet your needs for clear custom or provided to the government.
Our machine has sold to 
Asia:20%  Europe:30%  Africa:15%  Oceania:15%  America:20%